Tools & Materials I use

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I wear this apron when I work in the studio (especially when soldering), that way I'm not bringing anything from the glass studio home via my clothes. I also keep my shop laundry separate from my home laundry and use a de-leading detergent on studio rags, de-leading wipes on items I might handle while working, like my phone, and de-leading foaming soap for my hands. 
If you need to glue your work for any reason (came to glass for example), E6000 glue is recommend.







Miscellanous Small Business Stuff

Most of these are affiliate links (meaning I make a small percent, however there is no extra cost to you). I have created this list with integrity-  there is nothing on here I do not personally use, with the exception of some of the extra options I included and noted as preferences/options from other artists. 

I hope you find this helpful!