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Artist Statement

I learned how to do stained glass in high school, and fell in love with the medium. It was something I knew I wanted to do, but without a studio space of my own, I couldn’t continue working. Despite this, I went out and purchased a box of small sample glass squares, and left it in my parent’s garage as a reminder and a symbol of what I knew I wanted to be able to do. 

Late in 2019 the sample box served its purpose and I invested in second hand tools, and set up a small work space. I relearned the craft on the snake design that went on to inspire my logo. February of 2020, I started Erin Glassworks, and it began to blossom as I found my creative voice. As of Summer, 2021, I am doing stained glass art full time. 

My work is inspired by nature, and the world around me.  My focus turns toward the more unusual themes. I create a lot of work with snakes, insects, with a lot of it coming from the Florida wildlife, where I now call home. While stained glass is a very traditional medium, and the technique remains the same, I consider my work to be modern stained glass- fun and whimsical, playing with color, texture and design, but still rooted in the history of this art. 

I particularly enjoy working with the reflections and refractions, imagining how the colors of glass I am using with will work together within the hard outlines of the solder holding the form. Part of the process is not knowing what my finished piece will really look like until I hold it up to the sunlight. Working within the confines and limitations of glass itself, and translating the natural world into a design that captures an image is a challenge I thoroughly enjoy. 

One of my favorite parts of being an artist with a small business is the community I was able to create through social media. I dedicate a lot of time to teaching new glass artists, encouraging small businesses, and trying to bring people together through humor. 

Creating glass art is a time-consuming labor of love. Checkout my Instagram @ErinGlassworks for the many stages that go into creating stained glass art! I show off process content, give previews for upcoming shop updates, and share helpful tips and tricks for new glass artists!