Oval Layout frames (Set of 3)


Set of 3 oval frames.
Interior Dimensions
~6" x 4 1/8"
~8" x 6 3/16"
~10" x 8 1/8

*These are new dimensions from previous oval set and different form the ovals available in the variety packs*

Updates: New version includes notches at the quarter points and since they scale up 1" from the previous size, the new dimensions allow you to add a 1" border to the small and medium size easily.

They and are made from 1/4" thick MDF frame so you don't have to worry about them flexing.

Used for:
· Tracing an oval for your pattern design
· Marking your glass before cutting
· Fitting your pieces while grinding
· Checking your piece didn't grow after foiling
· Keeping your glass in place while soldering
Be mindful of cross contamination if you are going to use the same hoop for all steps. I have duplicates and use one set for the first 4 steps and a separate one for when I am soldering with lead.

Shipping is $10 in the US and $20 to Canada.

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