Glass Sheet Mystery Box

$32.00 - $50.00 Coming Soon

**I will put more boxes together if I am able to find more glass deals**

This is a mystery box for glass artists. Assorted sheets of quality glass, and most of it being American made and vintage. They can be translucent, opaque, textured, etc. These are not square pieces, but all of them are beautiful.

I put a lot of time sorting and organizing these to make sure each box is an assortment of glass I would be excited to get. Believe me, if I had room to keep all this glass....I wouldn't be listing these!

I will do a good job packing boxes, but I do not guarantee they won't crack during shipment. Please use your discretion when purchasing and feel free to watch the video I have on my Instagram (@ErinGlassworks) for my packing process.

My other disclaimer is that this beautiful vintage haul has been gathering some dust, so there pieces will need a bit of cleaning!

I am so thrilled this glass is going to good home to be used, and absolutely LOVE when I get sent pictures of projects it's being used in. Feel free to DM on Instagram @ErinGlassworks or email me at

Medium Flat Rate Shipping Box $15 US

3LB box $35
5LB box $55

My website is very basic and doesn’t give me variable shipping price options, so if you order a 3LB box to Canada, it will be $55 and I will refund you the difference in shipping.