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Florida Natives Panel


Artist Statement:
Florida Natives is meant to celebrate and capture the true beauty of the Sunshine State— its wildlife— while bringing attention to the impacts of our changing landscape. Each creature in this panel is a threatened or endangered Florida animal— from the black skimmer, roseate spoonbill, mother and nursing calf manatee, green sea turtle, Florida brown snake, gopher tortoise, Cassius blue butterfly, American alligator, and Florida scrub-jay.

These native species all hold significance to my life in Florida, whether it is watching the skimmers make their nests and hatch their chicks on the beach in the summers, kayaking on a spring as a manatee drifts by, receiving a stealthy glare from an alligator at the lake on my morning walk, spotting a snake slither into the bushes, or the most special to me- catching a glimpse of pink as a roseate spoonbill soars by. Florida has always been in a state of transformation. We need to make sure we bring our native species along for the ride.

This piece was truly a joy to create and I am so proud that it was selected to be in the Imagine Museum for their Florida in Transformation exhibit.

I love this piece with all my heart and trust that it will find the right window to shine in!

27"W x 19" H
This piece is approximately 6lbs.

It has a very tiny crack in the blue glass just above the manatee head. It does not impact the structural integrity and is not a noticeable flaw.

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It will come with metal chain and needs to be securely anchored when hung.

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Stained glass pieces are made using lead and are not meant to be handled excessively. The solder lines are coated in a protective wax, however to be safe, avoid excess handling and wash hands well after hanging.

Avoid using suction cups to hang your glass art as pieces are heavy and suction cups will pull away over time.

Do not use harsh cleaners on your piece. Wipe with a damp cloth if necessary. The solder lines may dull over time. To spruce up a piece, use a carnauba-based wax, let it dry, and buff to a shine. Feel free to email me with care questions.