Pressed Flowers & Dragonly Drop

$23.00 - $40.00

Pressed cosmos flowers and gingko leaves are now available (ginkgo photos coming soon)!

Please note, pressed botanicals will fade over time. Keep out of direct sunlight.

Wing drops were made with a found passed butterfly and dragonfly wings and are cruelty free.

Use coupon code "LOCALPICKUP" for free local pickup in Largo, FL!

Designs are © Erin Glassworks 2019-present and are not to be recreated.

Stained glass pieces are made using lead and are not meant to be handled excessively. The solder lines are coated in a protective wax, however to be safe, avoid excess handling and wash hands well after hanging.

Avoid using suction cups to hang your glass art as pieces are heavy and suction cups will pull away over time.

Do not use harsh cleaners on your piece. Wipe with a damp cloth if necessary. The solder lines may dull over time. To spruce up a piece, use a carnauba-based wax, let it dry, and buff to a shine. Feel free to email me with care questions.