Singles & Mixed Bag Layout Frames (set of 6 or 5)

$5.00 - $34.00

Want to try a few layout frames without committing to a full pack? I have two different sizes available:

Big Pack:
· 8" squares
· 8" Circles
· 10" ovals (different dimensions from the two pack)
· 10" pills (different dimensions from the two pack)
· 10" hexagons
· 8" triangles

Medium Pack:
· 6" square
· 6" circle
· 8" oval (different dimensions from the two pack)
· 8" pill (same as two pack)
· 8" hexagon

Update: the ovals and pills both have notches at the quarter marks for easier measuring and hanging.

Due to the way my website calculates and combines items for shippings, it is likely I it will overcharge you and I will refund you. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Used for:
· Tracing your pattern designing
· Marking your glass before cutting
· Fitting your pieces while grinding
· Checking your piece didn't grow after foiling
· Keeping your glass in place while soldering
Be mindful of cross contamination if you are going to use the same hoop for all steps. I have duplicates and use one set for the first 4 steps and a separate one for when I am soldering with lead.

Shipping is $10 in the US and $20 to Canada.

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